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Life story
February 18, 2010
Bauti, you went to be with all the other little Angels. In such a short period of time you touched so many lives and hearts, who ever met you, fell in love with you and your amazing smile. No matter the time, we will have you in our hearts always. We miss you so much, and will continue to share our love and thoughts of you with the world. 
Bauti, te fuiste para estar con los otros angelitos. En tan poco tiempo haz impactado tantas vidas y corazones.  Todas las personas que te conocieron se enamoraron de ti y tu bella sonrisa.  No importa el tiempo, siempre estarás en nuestros corazones. Te extrañamos y continuaremos compartiendo nuestro cariño y historias de ti con el mundo.

When an angel goes to Heaven, God stands with open arms to cradle and comfort him, and keep him safe from harm.  
When an angel goes to Heaven, precious memories are left behind, of innocence, warmth and that special smile forever in your mind.  
When an angel goes to Heaven, he tells of wonderful times, how mommy and daddy and family were loving and so very kind.  
When an angel goes to Heaven, he misses your gentle touch, he asks God to be sure to tell you he loves you very much.  
When an angel goes to Heaven, he asks even one more request; that God will comfort those he loved and to know he’s with the best.  
When an angel goes to Heaven, a part of you goes too, knowing you will be joined with him again when your journey here is through.

From Mom

Where to start?...Well,  let’s see….for the beginning...and the beginning for those that believe in an eternal life was February 18th, 2010 for our loved Bauti at the age of 6 year-old.

With our hearts broken and absolutely devastated by the shocking reality we were facing, on February 18th, 2010 we saw our loved Bauti to start the journey to an eternal beautiful life.  He was an angel even in this Earth, full of happiness, generosity, energy, love….yes, full of love. That is why we like to think that God picked him among billion of other kids and just took this angel back to Him.

Bauti was not sick, they (doctors we visited the same week he left for ever) said he had a cold, a minor viral syndrome….but no matter what the diagnosis was even the day before of his departure, on a cold Thursday of February in Manhattan God decided to take him with Him.

We did not have chance to say “goodbye”, or say “see you later my loved”…..instead, that Thursday morning, he and myself were saying how much we love each other until the very last minute…he was never scared because Bauti fall asleep on my arms…on mommy’s arms….just as the way he came to this world…I had the privileged to see his first and last breath.

Bauti was such a joyful boy, honored Life every day. He was just the perfect son, the perfect sunshine, the perfect friend, cousin, student, grandson, godson, nephew….he was and IS the perfect angel!!!!!